Cluster Computing Made...Easy


By Bright Staff | October 10, 2014 | Cluster Management




Processing power.  Everybody wants it. Given the increasing demands of computing applications today, there is a growing need to find better and faster computing resources to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.  Cluster computing has been developed to meet that need.

Over the years system administrators have become proficient at implementing and managing single-system computers, either as dedicated systems or as multipurpose machines. Seasoned professionals have gained expertise in hardware, operating systems, processes, protocols, and applications in the management of client and server systems.  Cluster computing would seem to add another layer of complexity to the system administrator's daily workload.

This is not necessarily so.  A technician may be good, but no human is expected to think and operate in machine language.  An experienced technician may take great pride in handling difficult tasks.  But good software is the best conduit between man and machine, and the more robust and efficient, the better.  Complexity is not a selling point for software -- not when its true purpose is to facilitate this man-machine relationship.  Ideal software makes the administration of computers easier.

The thought of implementing cluster computing in your IT environment may seem daunting, particularly if your personnel may never have done it before.  But with the right software, making clusters work for you can become very... easy.  What would a system administrator need to do that a software system could make easier?

  • Install Clusters ... Easy
  • Monitor Clusters ... Easy
  • Manage Clusters ... Easy
  • Use Clusters ... Easy
  • Scale Clusters ... Easy

Where can you find such software? Contact us and see how we can help you with your man-machine relationships.  Your workload may be difficult, and the subject matter complex.  But think of how much better it would be to have the processing power that you need and the right software and support to manage it....easy.

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