Clusters and Clouds Application Spotlight: Academia


By Alex Younts | May 27, 2015 | Bright Cluster Manager, Application Performance



In the first of a series of posts spotlighting applications for clusters and clouds, today I’d like to take a look at how Bright Cluster Manager adds value in academia. Later posts in the series will look at the use of high performance computers (HPC), OpenStack, and Hadoop in other settings, and review how and why Bright Cluster Manager adds value.

Academic research generates far more data than it did in the past. Take the example of genomics labs, which have access to advanced sequencing machines that create far more data than a desktop computer can handle. To make sense of their data, researchers need HPC clusters; unfortunately, researchers rarely have the computing knowledge necessary to deploy and manage clusters.


Universities also experience a great deal of turnover. Even if one graduate student knows how to deploy and manage a cluster using best practices, turnover makes consistency hard to maintain. Fully managed approaches, like the Bright Cluster Manager, enables best management practices that would otherwise require technical experts from outside the research lab.

Bright helps universities make the most of their resources by eliminating the need for computing experts to set up, monitor, and manage clusters.  Bright Cluster Manager reduces the amount of time the staff needs to spend managing systems and allows universities to put their technical talent to better use. Individual researchers with limited IT administration skills can manage and use their own clusters, and get more research done with fewer resources.

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