CMO, Kristin Hansen gives her personal take on value and innovation in cloud and cluster management


By Rachel Chicken | December 04, 2015 | Cloud, HPC, Big Data



kristin.jpgWhat is our company’s mission and what do we offer our customers? Which markets does Bright serve and what are the industry challenges we address?

In this video, Bright’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kristin Hansen, gives us her take on Bright Computing, the problems that we solve, and the value we offer to our customers.  

Kristin, who joined Bright in June 2015, has had a busy first year working closely with the Bright board members and management team to make sure that Bright continues to carve a market leading path. She has also been working across all regions to support Bright’s local teams, our valued customers and partners.

 Hear Kristin explain how Bright will continue to innovate, offering the best cluster and cloud management software on the market, and making sure that our technology is secure, efficient, and reliable.

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