Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting – A Week Well Spent


By Jack Hanna | March 29, 2017 | Cloud, HPC, Big Data, Dell EMC



Bright Computing’s partner team dedicated to Dell traveled to Austin this week to take part in the Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting.

The tag line for the Community Meeting was how to transform the future of HPC, with Dell focusing on the convergence of HPC, big data, and cloud. Dell’s strategy points are threefold: Advancing HPC, democratizing HPC, and optimizing HPC. Jay Boisseau, the HPC Technology Strategist at Dell EMC, shared his goal of helping more people make more discoveries and innovations.

So, Bright was well positioned to share our experience of the exciting ways that organizations can harness HPC, big data and cloud to achieve a much more dynamic IT infrastructure.  

In the seminar, Armughan Ahmad, SVP Global Solutions & Alliances at Dell EMC spoke about the transformation of HPC. His organization has an interest in HPC, big data and cloud market activity, and his presentation demonstrated that Dell is in a very strong position to make a significant impact on the transformed HPC market.

Onur Celebioglu, HPC Engineering Director at Dell who is responsible for the Dell Innovation Lab gave an enlightening presentation about the lab. During his presentation, Onur was very complimentary about Dell’s relationship with Bright. 

Some interesting facts came out of the seminar. Did you know that Dell has twice the number of patents as IBM? And, that Dell spends $4 billion on R&D? One of every four servers sold last year were for HPC clusters. I was also impressed to learn that the Dell Innovation Lab is huge; 14,000 *square feet to be precise!

Bright was privileged to be recognized by Dell as one of the new cloud partners, and an OpenStack partner due to the fact that we provide HPC as a service. An underlying message from Dell throughout the event was that Dell really values its partnerships and continues to deepen relationships with key partners such as Bright Computing.

Curt Wallace participated in the vendor hot seat and did a good job of explaining how Bright helps organizations address HPC transformation and related issues. Bright also hosted a workshop on Deep Learning, which included an interactive discussion on the challenges that organizations face when setting up a deep learning environment, and the ways that Bright can simplify and automate the process.

Away from the seminar, the busy networking room was a great place to hang out. Bright enjoyed some fruitful meetings with a selection of customers that work with both Bright and Dell, as well as some interesting discussions with other technology vendors. 

Overall, this was a great event and we look forward to participating in the future.