Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Accelerate Customers' Time to Deliver New Products and Services


By Grant Gustafson | November 09, 2020 | HPC, Bright Cluster Manager, Dell Technologies



Here at Bright, we are honored to have such great partnership with companies like Dell Technologies. So, we were delighted to see their announcement today regarding two new Ready Solutions for HPC Genomics and Digital Manufacturing.

  • The new Dell Ready Solution for HPC Genomics helps companies get systems for genomic analysis into production quickly and economically. It comprises modular building blocks with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC PowerSwitch networking, Dell EMC storage, and software for bioinformatics and workload management.
  • The new Dell Ready Solution for Digital Manufacturing meets the growing requirement to run simulations at affordable costs. It is available on-premises and in the public cloud, and includes Dell Technologies server, networking and storage, as well as provisioning and cluster management software.  

The new Ready Solutions for HPC rely on Bright Cluster Manager to automate the process of building and managing modern high-performance clusters. As well as supporting these two new Ready Solutions, Bright Cluster Manager already provides infrastructure management technology for a host of Dell HPC Ready Solutions, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and HPC Research.

In the press release, Dell reports that these two new software solutions will simplify HPC cluster management and provisioning in virtualized environments. This will mean that companies in the healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing industries will be able to accelerate AI and promote innovation, and deliver new products and services more quickly. The newest version of Bright Cluster Manager, which will be made available at SC20, will include an integration with VMware for multi-cloud management, that will underpin the virtualization innovation in Dell’s latest Ready Solutions.

The Bright / VMware integration will enable traditional HPC customers to link their existing VMware clusters to run more HPC/AI workloads in a virtualized environment, which will help organizations to get maximum value from their vSphere infrastructure. By tapping into available vSphere capacity for high-performance needs, organizations will reduce the need to use public cloud infrastructure, reducing their costs and eliminating the need to move data into the public cloud. 

In the press release, Thierry Pellegrino, vice president, Data-Centric Workloads & Solutions, Dell Technologies, explains; “We’re committed to advancing and democratizing HPC and AI by making these technologies more accessible to the big thinkers who will shape our future.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 will be made available on Monday November 16. To find out more about this announcement, please email