Dell’s Tony Parkinson Says “The Future is Bright!”


By Lee Carter | December 14, 2015 |



Tony-Parkinson.jpgIn this video, Tony Parkinson, VP Enterprise Solutions & Alliances at Dell talks about the partnership between Bright Computing and Dell.

Tony explains that in the high performance computing (HPC) market, Dell’s focus is on end to end solutions, and Bright complements Dell’s go to market offerings in this space. Tony talks about how he is seeing HPC move into the commercial world, as enterprise grade customers start to capture the power of large scale computations, analytics and genomics.    

Tony is not alone in his thinking. In an article on Next Platform last month, Jim Ganthier, General Manager of Engineered Solutions at Dell, was quoted as saying; “We see huge opportunity in HPC, and we are clearly going to go do two things that Dell can do.” He goes on to explain that these two things are to disrupt the HPC market and to democratize HPC. He adds “We have economies of scale and an ability to innovate.”

Tony Parkinson believes that enterprise organisations want to access HPC in a cost efficient way, with a solution that is easy to deploy, use and manage. Bright and Dell have collaborated on many enterprise-grade projects to do just this, and the two companies have forged a very important and dynamic partnership over recent years.

Watch the video here.

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