Demo: Monitoring Your Cluster


By Lionel Gibbons | August 16, 2016 | Cluster Manager, Monitoring



You've already seen how Bright Cluster Manager simplifies the tasks involved in deploying and managing a cluster. But there's even more to it than that. 

Chances are that your company's clustered IT infrastructure has become an important part of your business. Important enough that keeping it up and running is critical to your day-to-day business operation. If the infrastructure goes offline, some or all of your business goes with it. That's why monitoring the health of modern clusters matters, and why Bright puts so much work into making it easy to do.

Bright gives you a flexible dashboard that you can tailor to your needs. You can keep an eye on the entire cluster, or focus in on any part of it that you want to give special attention to. We've put together this short (about 2 minutes) video to give you a feel for how powerful this is.

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