Easily Spin up Clusters to Increase Access to HPC resources that Drive Innovation with Bright Computing and VMware


By Bright Staff | May 13, 2021 | Bright Cluster Manager



HPC is undergoing massive changes that present both challenges and opportunities for organizations across industries. Historically, HPC has been defined by a consistent and well-known set of applications for modeling and simulation running on bare metal servers in an organization’s data center—but that is changing. We now have machine learning and data analytics applications vying for access to trusted HPC systems, ultimately throttling important work in one place or another.

In the emerging new era of HPC, clusters are far from static and far more complex as a result. The need to leverage new types of processors and accelerators, implement servers from different manufacturers, integrate with the cloud, extend to the edge, and host machine learning and data analytics applications has placed a demand on organizations to find a more flexible approach to the delivery of HPC resources.

This need for differentiated access to HPC resources gave rise to the new Clusters as a Service (CaaS) solution incorporating software from Bright Computing and VMware running on systems from Dell Technologies. This virtualized HPC solution brings together Bright Cluster Manager® on Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes to give data-driven organizations the ability to easily spin up clusters to increase access to HPC resources that drive innovation.

Bright’s Cluster-as-a-Service for VMware makes running virtualized HPC clusters in VMware fast and easy. Even users with no VMware expertise can create a Bright-managed cluster in minutes. Each virtual cluster is fully configured and ready to use upon creation, so users spend very little time setting up the environment before use. With Bright’s Cluster-as-a-Service for VMware, organizations benefit from:

  • Greater agility - authorized users can quickly provision the resources they need without waiting for IT
  • Higher productivity - by enabling organizations to fully utilize resources
  • Proven isolation - where each user is separated from all other users, projects, and data
  • Organization control - users can control their own clusters, but the vSphere administrator controls the end-to-end virtualized environment
  • Peace of mind - using a commercially supported, enterprise-ready solution.

Through advanced automation, Bright Cluster Manager eliminates the complexity of building and managing high-performance Linux clusters, enabling greater organizational efficiency and flexibility. Bright Cluster Manager supports clusters in VMware vSphere—and goes one step further to enable high-performance clusters as a service. Easily spin up high-performance clusters in vSphere to give engineers and data scientists the freedom to access the computational resources they need, when and how they need them.

Bright Cluster Manager automatically builds a cluster from bare metal—setting up networking, user directories, security, DNS, and more. Bright sits across an organization’s HPC resources, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge and manages them across workloads. Bright can also react to increasing demand for different types of applications and instantly re-assign resources within the cluster to service high-priority workloads based on the policies the business sets.

Bright’s Cluster-as-a-Service for VMware running on a validated Dell EMC vSAN infrastructure gives teams the ability to spin-up Clusters-as-a-Service and accelerate innovation for the business by increasing the capacity of high-performance infrastructure that drives innovation. Tapping into available vSphere capacity for high-performance needs will also reduce the need for organizations to use public cloud infrastructure, further reducing their costs, and eliminating the need to move data into the public cloud.

For more details on the technical specifications of the CaaS solution, see the Bright Computing Cluster-as-a-Service for VMware White Paper 

You can also reach out to us directly at info@brightcomputing.com