Five Key Facts about Bright OpenStack in Version 7.1


By Cameron Daniel | June 19, 2015 | OpenStack, OpenStack Deployment



Since launching Bright OpenStack at the OpenStack Summit last month, we’ve received a lot of questions from people interested in learning more about it. Here are five key facts you should know about our new management solution:

  1. The installation wizard is unmatched... With design and usability inspired by the Bright Cluster Manager’s award-winning wizard, Bright OpenStack’s deployment wizard has been fine-tuned for the specific needs of OpenStack users and raises the bar for form and functionality from the first click.

  1. …Except by the GUI. The only thing that can match our deployment wizard for usability and productivity is our highly intuitive GUI. As OpenStack users ourselves, we know just what you need in order to make sure your OpenStack deployment and surrounding infrastructure runs smoothly, and we’ve designed our GUI to present it to you in the most useful way possible.

  1. Storage infrastructure is optimized. Bright OpenStack features a Ceph-based storage infrastructure, which presents distributed object and block storage as a single, unified resource. That way, users don’t need to worry about where the physical storage for their cloud is located.


  1. Bright is an OpenStack Powered Platform. Bright OpenStack is an OpenStack Powered Platform, which means that you can rest assured that it meets the highest levels of interoperability demanded by the OpenStack Foundation. 

  1. Monitoring, health checking, and support keep you running smoothly. We’ve integrated OpenStack monitoring into the Bright OpenStack management interface so you can keep tabs on your cloud’s operation. If it isn’t running as it should, Bright OpenStack will let you know. What’s more, if you need support, the Bright team of experts is available to help.

Bright OpenStack ensures pain-free deployment, even from bare metal, and offers effective lifecycle management through its intuitive GUI. With this new product, even OpenStack novices can install, use, and maintain OpenStack private clouds with ease. Learn more on our website or contact us take the next step to simplify your OpenStack experience.

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