"Getting Bright!" - in 2 minutes


By Bill Harries | April 12, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager



I recognize that most readers of this blog are pretty well versed in the complexities of managing large scale clusters for high performance computing, artificial intelligence, etc.  But it might not be so obvious to your colleagues or others that need to understand why commercial-grade software with enterprise-class support is so critical to efficiently deploying and managing these complex systems.  Or why managing geographically disbursed clusters is so challenging.  Or why understanding who is using the cluster resources and how allocating those resources efficiently is crucial to the ROI of these very large investments in hardware, applications, and data centers. 

As the leader in enterprise-class cluster management software, we engage in these conversations every day, and we’ve created a number of tools to help convey these concepts to every level of stakeholder in an organization.  From white papers, to presentations, to demonstrations, we cover the gamut.  But we’ve found that, sometimes, all you need is a 2-minute explanation for those that need to understand the value without necessarily knowing the intricate details.  For those situations, we offer our “2-minute Explainer” video.  Brief, concise, without being overly technical, this video helps convey the message of how a small investment in software can reap large returns on your clustered infrastructure.

My hope is this video can help you explain the challenges you face every day, and how Bright cluster management software alleviates much of that burden.