Getting Started with Easy8


By Robert Stober | June 25, 2020 |



When we launched the Bright “Easy8” program and our BEACON user community in November last year, we took the unprecedented step of making Bright Cluster Manager free for clusters up to 8 nodes. This empowered organizations to reap the benefits of our mature commercial cluster management system at no charge.

We believed, and still believe, that when organizations are liberated from the challenges of building and maintaining clustered infrastructure, they can serve their users better, innovate faster and outmaneuver their competition.

There’s a clear differentiation between the benefits of being an Easy8 user and a full-fledged Bright customer, as depicted here:


We have been interested in the various reasons that organizations choose to access the Easy8 program.

  • Some simply have a small cluster that they wish to manage
  • Others are already Bright customers but have a test/dev environment that they want to manage as a separate cluster.Easy8 is perfect for this.
  • Others want to use Easy8 to evaluate Bright. But we don’t recommend this approach; it’s much better to get an evaluation license from us and then have access to our support team, rather than “go it alone” with Easy8.

So, now that we’re more than six months into it, how is the program going? Well, we’re pleased with the take-up of Easy8 and our BEACON community has also hit the ground running, with interactive discussions taking place all the time. If you are an Easy8 user, and haven’t taken advantage of the user community, I recommend you do so.

For the small number of organizations that have requested an Easy8 product key but have yet to activate it, I have a gift for you. I have taken the time to write a “Getting Started” guide to Easy8, which I hope you find very easy to follow. Simply click here to follow the guide, and get your Easy8 cluster up and running. It couldn’t be more straightforward. If you prefer, you can download the guide as a PDF, here.

Whatever stage you are at on your cluster management journey, we are here to help. Please get in touch with us, with any questions or suggestions that you may have.