Getting to Know Dietmar Fuchs


By Rachel Chicken | January 23, 2015 | Bright Computing



In this blog post, we are going to find out a bit more about new recruit, Dietmar Fuchs.

Why did you decide to take the job at Bright?

I was looking for a new challenge and I was also interested in tackling current IT challenges that the industry is facing right now. Our technology addresses some of the hottest issues in the IT industry, so I am happy to be a part of that.

How would you describe your role?

On the one hand, it’s a regional role, and I am taking care of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH), as well as Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS.

On the other hand, I have a specific focus on the service provider market, as I have worked in this space for many years. I’m excited about the prospect of introducing the Bright technology to EMEA service providers, as I know that there is a huge requirement for robust infrastructure management. Just thinking of NFV, SDN and the Internet of Things; it’s immediately apparent that our technology is a great fit for these emerging challenges.

Why do you think you are a good fit for Bright and for this role?

I have 25 years software sales experience in the region, so I am I feel very at home in this new role. Having previously worked in the mainframe and data center industry 20 years ago, and also with experience of the management infrastructure market, I am really happy to be working in this area again.

What are your early priorities?

I look forward to meeting our customers and partners in my region. My plan for the early part of this year is to enable Bright’s existing network of customers and partners to harness the power of Bright to make their business more successful. I also look forward to exploring greenfield opportunities and finding new business opportunity in new countries. 

What are the longer term goals?

It’s simple. Having a proper cluster management solution in place is fundamental to the success of any IT infrastructure. Without this critical component, there is no successful HPC, Hadoop, OpenStack, SDN or NFV project.

My long term goal is for Bright to be the de facto standard infrastructure management software solution, in each and every cluster management related project, in my region.

How can people get in touch?

Feel free to email me, phone me (+43 664 522 4275), Skype me (dietmar.fuchs.bright) or contact me through LinkedIn!

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