Getting to Know Haroon Ibrahim


By Rachel Chicken | January 23, 2015 | Bright Computing



Another new recruit that was mentioned in the announcement that the Bright EMEA team is expanding, is Haroon Ibrahim. In the interview below, we find out a bit more about him.

Why did you decide to take the job at Bright?

First and foremost, I am really delighted to be working with a great team of dynamic self-starters at Bright! Secondly, I was very impressed with the Bright technology. The product is technically very strong, and this is clear by the number of high caliber customers we have attracted so far. There are some really big global organisations that rely on Bright to keep their IT infrastructure up and running; and that excites me.

How would you describe your role?

I have been brought in to Bright to work on the life sciences and healthcare markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Why do you think you are a good fit for Bright and for this role?

I have worked in the life sciences and healthcare space for many years, and have enjoyed doing business with the great leaders and technology evangelists at these organisations. The key for me is making sure that the decision makers and senior management team at these companies truly understand the value that Bright can bring to their business. Bright offers a technology that can really impact business performance and growth, and I look forward to having these conversations.

What are your early priorities?

We have had great success in the US healthcare and life sciences market, and my early goal is to emulate that across EMEA.

That isn’t to say that Bright hasn’t already seen some good traction in life sciences and health care across EMEA. Bright has been well adopted in EMEA-based HPC environments, but we also bring huge value to Hadoop and OpenStack environments. So I look forward to talking to our existing customer base about this.

What are the longer term goals?

The wonderful thing is that you can rely on our software - it works and it is vendor agnostic. But the most important point for me is that the potential for Bright to bring value to your business is absolutely vast. The more complex the business challenge, the more we can do for you. And that is my longer term goal: To educate the life sciences and healthcare markets that we can make you more successful. We can help you get to where you want to be, faster – whether that is carrying out better research, bringing new drugs to market faster, or solving real IT problems.

I want to make sure that when it comes to addressing an IT infrastructure challenge, no matter how big, the first port of call should always be Bright Computing!

How can people get in touch?

You can email me, phone me (+44 7770 226199), Skype me (haroon.ibrahim.bright) or contact me through LinkedIn!

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