Giving French Customers a More Resilient Platform that Scales


By Lee Carter | June 28, 2016 | HPC



EURO/CFD provides industrial corporations with an option to outsource numerical studies. As a result, the requirement for EURO/CFD to have a cutting edge HPC infrastructure is paramount.

EURO/CFD decided that it would be an advantage to transition from a Microsoft-based HPC solution, to a Linux-based HPC solution, to improve resiliency, stability, and to allow the HPC environment to be more scalable. This supported EURO/CFD’s strategy to place greater emphasis on its HPC infrastructure, not just to support its own demanding computations, but also to offer HPC on demand to its large network of customers, who wish to outsource their numerical calculations.

Bright was chosen as the core management technology and EURO/CFD’s longstanding partner transtec carried out the project delivery.

This case study highlights the decision making process behind choosing a Bright / transtec solution, and the benefit derived from implementing Bright’s technology into the EURO/CFD  HPC infrastructure.

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