High efficiency HPC cluster management: Beginner to Expert


By Lionel Gibbons | July 10, 2018 | HPC




Big Picture Efficiency

Efficiency as a business concept approaches an almost revered status for IT admins and bean counters alike. In an HPC (High Performance Computing) environment, cluster performance for discrete tasks represents the majority of actual work done efficiency, but most major HPC cluster providers remain fairly price competitive in the pay for processing market. 

From a top down view, the most efficient solutions are those that provide optimal performance without paying for unnecessary resources. In other words, HPC resource management influences project efficiency far more than per unit processing cost.

Provisioning and Repurposing Efficiency

Launching and configuring HPC clusters for specific purposes is essential to maximize task performance. But how easily can those computational resources be reclaimed and repurposed once the project is complete? This might seem rather elementary, but consider that configuration and software compatibility issues often stem from provisioning errors. Countless hours of frustration and rework are avoidable by removing virtualization complexity layers and provisioning on "bare metal" for OS installation.

The Ease of Access/Technical Capacity Tight Rope

Making HPC provisioning, critical function monitoring, and routine task administration simple while retaining the ability to handle complex and highly technical requirements is the stuff dreams are made of. Since visionaries dream big, Bright Cluster Manager offers not only a skillful treatment of HPC management but makes it accessible to those new to HPC and powerful enough for a seasoned expert. Removing barriers to access without compromising powerful feature flexibility in a single-pane-of-glass format is an achievement indeed.

Removing points of failure

Any form of management involves tracking multiple forms of data, alerts, or changes. Strategic approaches to HPC workflow management all account for technical points of failure but why stop there? Why not streamline repetitive and detailed processes and allow admins to focus on critical decision making without the needless distractions of the mundane. Whether foraying into HPC for the first time or re-evaluating an existing operation, consider using Bright Cluster Manager for your HPC needs.


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