How to build your new Dynamic Datacenter


By Lionel Gibbons | March 23, 2016 | OpenStack, HPC, Big Data, Dynamic Data Center



robert-stober-at-stanford-HPC-conf.pngLee Carter's blog post talks about the concept of dynamic datacenters and how they are required to meet the challenge of ever-changing business demands on IT services.

In a dynamic datacenter, compute resources may be dynamically created and / or provisioned based on workload demand and in accordance with configured policies. Compute resources may be physical, on-premise nodes, or they may be virtual nodes in a public or a private cloud, or all of the above. In all cases, the resources need to be dynamically created, powered on, and provisioned on-the-fly for a specific workload. This results in an agile data center that responds quickly and automatically to changes in workload demand, while reducing power costs.

Sounds great, but how does one go about creating such a beast? 

Robert Stober, Bright's Director of Systems Engineering, recently gave a talk at the 2016 HPC Advisory Council at Stanford University that helps answer this question.  In this videotaped excerpt from the event, Robert provides an overview of everything Bright Computing can do to help you transform your existing IT datacenter into a "dynamic datacenter" that adjusts much more flexibly to changing workloads. 


Robert Stober is the Director of Systems Engineering for Bright Computing in San Jose, California. Robert specializes in planning and implementing High Performance Computing clusters and has broad experience integrating applications and workload management systems. Since joining Bright, Robert has been involved with extending Bright Cluster Manager beyond traditional HPC into additional areas of advanced IT infrastructure management including Big Data and OpenStack private clouds.