How to manage HPC resources effectively


By Lionel Gibbons | November 15, 2016 | HPC




The term HPC escapes a one-size-fits-all, cut and dried definition. According to Kyle Maxey writing in an article titled What is High Performance Computing and How Can Engineers Use It?, here's what it means: "In the end, HPC is all about the aggregation of computing resources to solve complex problems that can’t be tackled by a workstation."

Of course, the aggregation of computing resources can take many forms. Some are pure HPC, while others might include Hadoop clusters, NoSQL, public or private clouds, or a mix of all of these. The question then becomes: How does your organization aggregate these resources in a manner that is most flexible and efficient? The need for a solution that manages various clustered resources effectively becomes clear.

Thankfully, according to an article by Rich Brueckner titled HPC Finally Climbing to the Cloud, there is a powerful and entirely flexible platform now available to handle practically any HPC scenario. Bright Computing's OpenStack implementation (Bright OpenStack), “is the most HPC-optimized OpenStack distribution on the market," according to Matthijs van Leeuwen, Bright's chief strategy officer. Bright OpenStack began as an effort to allocate resources in the company's own data center and eventually evolved into a "fantastic tool" that has become "stable and versatile," bringing about an ingenious "cluster-on-demand" model that allows for uniquely flexible and fast implementation.

Van Leeuwen states that “with Bright OpenStack developers can build a data center infrastructure where they can offer their own internal users a choice: today, do they want to run today an HPC application, a big data application, or other workloads? They can also offer a choice of infrastructure: does this user want to run bare metal; does the other user want to run a virtual machine; and yet another user in a container?”

Any project manager or IT executive who is looking to expand their organization's engineering scope and power using HPC methodologies may want to take a closer look at what Bright has to offer.