HPC Cluster Helps Advance the Wave Energy Industry


By Bright Staff | September 09, 2014 | HPC Cluster




HPC Wire recently reported that the advances taking place in the wave energy industry by Pelamis Wave Power are due in part to an HPC cluster called INDY that provides highly detailed numerical simulations to analyze the performance of the machines that convert wave energy into electricity.

Wave farms are offshore or near shore locations in which these machines are placed, the article stated. The electricity they create is transmitted to shore by subsea cables and other equipment. The machines that Pelamis developed were initially designed using a small-scale cluster computing platform. However, with a 3MW operation being planned for Scotland, the company has now begun using the HPC resources of Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.

When complete, the article stated, the wave farm in Scotland is expected to produce enough electricity to power 2,000 homes. The priority with this project, and other power projects, is how to maximize the amount of electricity the wave farm can produce. The machines are monitored in real time, with the control algorithms programmed to perform in a wide variety of wave conditions. Not only do the computing resources help in optimizing the performance of today's machines, but they will also play a part in developing future machines that perform even better.

The Pelamis wave power project is just one example of how HPC clusters can be used to turn great ideas into a reality. You can harness the power of HPC as well and Bright Computing has software to help you manage your clusters.

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