Hybrid Computing in the New Era of HPC


By Bright Staff | January 06, 2021 | Bright Cluster Manager, edge computing



Across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, financial, etc., edge computing has become more complex and nuanced as the digital age has progressed.

For companies across these industries, the path to an edge compute strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective is not always easily navigated. Likewise, as more complexity is introduced, with different tiers of computing extending from the datacenter, through the cloud, and to the edge, the nuance in edge compute is largely tied to how these infrastructures are housed and managed. Hybrid is the term often associated with an edge compute strategy, with infrastructure being a mix of on-premises equipment with compute and storage running in a public cloud or even running across multiple public clouds.

In a recent article published by The Next Platform, Bright CEO, Bill Wagner discusses the nuances and complexity that are now being seen in edge compute. Bill highlights how Bright Cluster Manager helps manage that complexity by giving users the ability to provision and manage a hybrid infrastructure though a single interface, abstracting the underlying technologies. No matter which edge computing tiers, technologies, or cloud providers and organizations wants to use, Bright Computing can automate provisioning and management of those technologies seamlessly, reducing complexity and adding needed flexibility.

The article also highlights how Bright Computing can help companies entering the edge computing realm avoid vendor lock-in, which can greatly increase flexibility. “If you go with one of the cloud providers to manage your hybrid infrastructure, you have to be confident about the direction they may take in the future and how that may restrict your options and flexibility”. Click here to read the full article.

As more technology, innovation, and applications pour into edge computing strategies, companies will continue to seek out different ways to compose and consume their compute and storage. This added layer of complexity will dictate companies seek out unifying enterprise tools that can build, manage, and maintain each tier of edge compute, whether at the datacenter, in the cloud, or at the edge. Bright Computing solves the challenge of complexity of complexity within the industry and replaces it with flexibility, ease of use, and accelerated time-to-value.

To learn more about Bright’s edge computing solution, check out these resources. Bill has also written more about the “New Era of HPC”, speaking to the added complexity that new technologies have introduced and how Bright helps manage that complexity, you can view that articles here.

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