Important questions to consider: What does your HPC cluster require now and in the future?


By Bright Staff | November 12, 2014 | HPC Cluster




According to a recent article from HPC Wire, you should never think about setting up an HPC cluster as a one-time investment of time, money, and resources. The HPC cluster will have different requirements throughout its lifecycle, and should be considered an ongoing investment. The article suggests doing a needs assessment to answer some important questions: 

  • What are the cluster's intended use cases? You must know this in order to select the right size of cluster, as well as determine the best architecture and components .
  • How will the cluster be used and how many users will access the application at any given time? Will they access it from their workstations?
  • Where is the input data? How will output data be collected and visualized. How big are the input and output files?
  • How will the cluster be used in the future ? What growth do you expect to see? How much? How fast?
  • Will it require high availability that warrants having redundant components?
  • Which services are required for the cluster to operate and which are optional? Which tools must be used and which are simply convenient?
  • Will your in-house staff be maintaining the cluster, or will you be seeking outsourced management services?

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