Interested in OpenStack private cloud? So is eBay.


By Bright Staff | August 12, 2014 | OpenStack




Are you interested in what an OpenStack  cloud can do for you? Deploying one would put you in good company. According to a recent article from Computer Weekly, 95% of eBay's marketplace traffic is powered by its own OpenStack cloud. Three years ago, the company wasn't using the cloud at all,  relying instead on its on-premises data center.

eBay began developing a cloud infrastructure because it wanted a scalable and reliable infrastructure to meet all of the demands from both the PayPal and the eBay brands, the article stated. The cloud infrastructure had to be PCI-compliant and secure in order to meet regulatory requirements. Currently, this cloud infrastructure runs up to 7,000 server instances. The company has saved millions of dollars on hardware and has gained operational efficiencies, while enjoying self service flexibility. The plan is to move more systems into the cloud in the future.

Bright's solution combines the benefits of the OpenStack platform with unprecedented ease of deployment and management. It lets you manage your private cloud efficiently and effectively.

Get your cloud up and running on bare metal and start realizing the benefits of your own OpenStack cloud technologies just as eBay has done. For more information on Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack or any of our other solutions, contact us.

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