Intersect360 Research Stat Sheet - Embracing the New Era of HPC


By Bright Staff | November 19, 2020 | HPC, AI



We’ve respected and worked with Addison Snell of Intersect360 for many years, so we were delighted that he was able to collaborate with us on a recent stat sheet project.

Bright Computing has been elaborating on the theme of “Managing Complexity in the New Era of HPC” for a number of months, receiving coverage in InsideHPC, and delivering a recent webinar on that very subject as part of the SC Exhibitor Forum.

With so much change taking place in the HPC world right now, we see the challenge as very clearcut:You either embrace this new era of HPC with a solid and robust infrastructure that enables you to compete effectively, or you don’t. You either invest in tools to help you manage the complexity that surrounds the new era of HPC, or you don’t.

In the Stat Sheet, Intersect360 found that 70% of HPC users are running machine learning environments, or are working to implement one within the next year; another 20% are considering it. They also found that more than 50% of the HPC users that are incorporating machine learning have seen a budget increase of at least  5% as a direct result; some budgets have more than doubled.  

Intersect360 further states that Bright Cluster Manager is the most-cited commercial system management package among HPC users; we provide the technology that organizations are turning to, in order to embrace the new era of HPC, and in order to manage the associated complexity.

The report puts it succinctly; “Fundamentally, Bright Computing helps address the big question in HPC: how to match diverse resources to diverse workloads in a way that is both efficient today and future-proof for tomorrow.”

You can view the Stat Sheet here. For more information about Bright Computing, please contact us.

stat-sheetIntersect360 Research Stat Sheet:
Bright Cluster Manager Expands to
Embrace a New Era of HPC

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