Introducing Bright OpenStack – making private cloud deployment easier and more manageable


By Cameron Daniel | May 18, 2015 | OpenStack




Bright Computing is proud to unveil Bright OpenStack at today’s OpenStack Summit. A complete, standalone OpenStack private cloud solution, Bright OpenStack is easy to install, manage, use, and maintain. It was designed to make private cloud deployment and management feasible for a wider audience.

Combining Bright’s award-winning systems management software with OpenStack provides a single, integrated solution for reliably deploying robust cloud infrastructures. With Bright OpenStack, users can create an OpenStack environment from bare metal servers and manage that environment throughout its entire lifecycle.

OpenStack_PoweredFeaturing an intuitive, easy-to-use Bright OpenStack GUI, the new product design incorporates more than a decade of experience in management software for clustered systems, bringing an optimized user experience to OpenStack cloud administrators.

We are particularly excited about the product’s installation wizard, which enables automated specification and implementation of OpenStack clouds. After answering several questions, the wizard leads users through an error-free deployment process in a matter of minutes to hours – rather than days or weeks. With Bright OpenStack, users can also manage and modify deployment after the initial set-up, giving users flexibility unmatched by competing products.

The release of Bright OpenStack goes a long way toward solving the private-cloud skills gap – one of the biggest problems holding back the widespread use of OpenStack today. Bright makes it possible for OpenStack novices to install, use, and maintain OpenStack private clouds by taking the pain out of deployment, and providing an intuitive, easy-to-use way to effectively manage the cloud throughout its lifecycle. This helps IT administrative and DevOps staff do more with their resources, making operations more effective, and more efficient.

Looking to deploy, use, and maintain an OpenStack private cloud? Then come by the Bright Computing booth, #T69, at the Summit this week, or visit, and let our experts show you how Bright OpenStack makes it easy.

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