Learn About the Openshift Integration in Bright Cluster Manager 9.1


By Robert Stober | March 25, 2021 | HPC, Bright Cluster Manager



I’m pleased to say that now Bright provides cluster management for OpenShift, organizations can manage their OpenShift infrastructure through Bright, unlocking many Bright benefits such as gaining the increased capabilities, flexibility, and extensibility.  

Let’s take a look at how this all fits together. OpenShift has become the defacto standard for organizations wanting a commercially supported Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes is a container management system that requires an underlying cluster management system to provide the computing infrastructure for Kubernetes. OpenShift provides a basic cluster management system (CoreOS) that is effectively hardwired for Kubernetes to run on.  

Bright has provided an integration with open-source Kubernetes for many years. The Kubernetes integration allows customers to deploy and manage any number of Kubernetes clusters within a single Bright cluster. Kubernetes clusters can be deployed on the HPC cluster, at edge locations, and in the cloud. This is useful for most customers, but we have also found that there are customers who wanted to run OpenShift from Red Hat. The most common way of running OpenShift is by deploying it on CoreOS. As an administrator, you don't have a lot of control over CoreOS; it is essentially a “black box”. 

In Bright Cluster Manager 9.1, we provide an integration with OpenShift that allows organizations to use Bright Cluster Manager to provide management of the underlying infrastructure in place of CoreOS. If you deploy OpenShift on top of your Bright cluster, you will have full visibility of the nodes that OpenShift is running on. The deployment process is fully streamlined, making this a really easy integration to take advantage of. 

With Bright providing the cluster management for OpenShift, organizations that are using Bright to manage other clusters throughout their business - from edge-to-core-to-cloud - can leverage that expertise to manage their OpenShift infrastructure, gaining the increased capabilities, flexibility, and extensibility that Bright provides.

To learn more about our integration with OpenShift, please get in touch!