Managing a new infrastructure as a service product offering: A case study


By Lionel Gibbons | April 04, 2016 |



PADT_Case_Study.pngIn our latest case study, we look at how Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies (PADT) used Bright Cluster Manager to manage its new Cores on Demand infrastructure as a service (IAAS) product offering.

PADT is one of the Southwest’s leading providers of turnkey engineering services and products for simulation, product development, and rapid prototyping. They found that many customers conducting modeling with ANSYS engineering simulation software could not afford to purchase the amount of compute resources required for the complex simulations, nor could they afford to hire an external company. With Cores on Demand, PADT buys and hosts a cluster and grants customers affordable short term leases to use the cluster as if it’s their own.

Using Bright Cluster Manager, PADT can quickly strip the cluster back to the basics when the term is over, and easily reconfigure it for the next customer with all the software packages needed. They also have an array of powerful reporting and monitoring features as well as the ability to partition nodes to meet the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions to which many of their customers are subject.

From this study, you can learn:

  • How the Bright installation wizard makes it easy to configure the cluster’s back end.
  • How Bright Cluster Manager helps automate cluster customization.
  • How administrators can view the entire cluster environment in a single pane of glass.
Read the entire case study here.