Managing HPC and cloud computing within the same infrastructure: A Case Study


By Lionel Gibbons | January 19, 2016 | OpenStack, Case Study



Our newest case study is an example of a burgeoning trend we are seeing among customers – the desire to manage both high-performance compute (HPC) grid and cluster computing and cloud computing within the same infrastructure.Capture-5.jpg

Van Andel Institute (VAI), an independent biomedical research and science education organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was developing an environment that could efficiently assign tasks among both traditional grid and cluster computing resources and cloud resources. They were looking for an approach that would reduce the labor and effort needed for management and change control. Perhaps more importantly, they wanted to be able to respond dynamically to the accelerating trend toward cloud computing they see coming down the highway. Their approach also had to work equally well for thirty different research groups working on highly varied projects – each with unique requirements.

We helped them develop a unique new hybrid infrastructure featuring Bright OpenStack which integrates the management of the software and servers.

From this study, you can learn:

  • How the approach lets each user develop their own solution, carving off their own virtual piece of the pie.
  • How administrators can now dynamically shift the ratio of HPC and cloud resources as they see fit without any down time.
  • How Bright OpenStack software makes management, change control, and user support easy.

Read the entire case study here.