Managing Linux Clusters: Everything old is new again


By Bill Wagner | June 11, 2019 | Linux Cluster, Bright Cluster Manager



It’s becoming clearer every day that the world is racing towards a state of constant, insatiable need for more and more computing power to make sense of the growing sea of data all around us – and we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Just wait until IoT and machine learning kick into high gear.  Not surprisingly, Linux clusters – in various evolving forms – continue to be the preferred approach for providing the computing horsepower to tackle these jobs, yet Linux clusters are notoriously complex and difficult to manage.  For this reason, Bright Computing commissioned a market survey through Hyperion Research to understand how organizations are grappling with the challenges of Linux clusters in the face of growing demand. 

Hyperion Research reached out to more than a thousand organizations globally across numerous industries for this survey, and there were many interesting findings relative to the challenges and limitations that organizations deal with on a daily basis with their clusters.  At the same time, Linux clusters aren’t new.  Those of us that have been in the HPC space for a long time recognize that the challenges and limitations associated with building and maintaining Linux clusters today are the same ones that have persisted for years, yet worsened by the introduction of new technologies that organizations want to use in their clusters.  What are those challenges and limitations?  Here’s what organizations (who are NOT using Bright software) had to say:

So, if we’ve really only scratched the surface of what’s to come, how will organizations that depend on Linux clusters survive (and ideally thrive) when they’re struggling to keep up with what’s on their plates today? 

 More than a decade ago, a group of technologists came together with a vision of developing software that would eliminate the complexity of building and managing Linux clusters.  Today, with a decade of development and thousands of implementations around the world to its credit, Bright software has earned a reputation for solving the limitations and challenges reflected in the survey results above.  Organizations that use our software focus their precious time and resources on things that add strategic value to their businesses, rather than reinventing the wheel.