Multiple Workload Management Clusters with Bright 9.0


By Robert Stober | January 21, 2020 | Bright Cluster Manager, Bright 9.0



A significant change we’ve seen in the HPC landscape is the need to process data and run workloads at the edge. Last year, Bright delivered Bright Edge, which allows organizations to quickly and easily provision and manage servers at edge locations and enabled them to manage multiple locations as a single cluster. The new year brings with it Bright 9.0, which provides the ability to deploy and manage a workload manager (WLM) instance at each location.

Previous versions of Bright already allowed customers to deploy and manage different WLMs at the same time, but only a single instance of each. An organization could, for example, deploy one instance of PBS Pro and one instance of UGE and manage them both through Bright, but they could not deploy and manage more than one instance of either. Bright 9.0 allows organizations to deploy and manage any number of instances of any supported WLM through Bright. 

Whether and how an organization deploys multiple WLM instances depends on what they’re trying to accomplish. Bright 9.0 supports all of the following scenarios and more:

One WLM instance that spans the enterprise - this allows a customer to submit and run jobs on the core cluster or at an edge location. Each participating edge node needs to have an interface on the external network. Queues can be configured to limit which nodes a job can run on.

One WLM instance at each edge - this allows organizations to deploy a workload management cluster at any or all edge locations. In this case, edge nodes do not need an interface on the external network because the workload manager master server runs at the edge location.

One production and one development WLM instance - this allows organizations to deploy both production and development WLM clusters, so they can test proposed configurations before making a change in their production environment.

Bright 9.0 gives organizations the ability to deploy and manage WLM clusters in a way that makes them integral to their core HPC infrastructure. For more information regarding Bright 9.0, please visit our 9.0 info page, or send us an email at