New Video Shines a Bright Light on the Future of Infrastructure Management


By Lionel Gibbons | October 09, 2015 |



Bright Computing’s Mark Sargeant takes us on a lively excursion to the future of infrastructure management in a new video available on our YouTube page.

Follow along with Mark as he explains the Bright way of managing IT infrastructure with Linux on Intel – outlining the potential it offers for increasing your utilization rates and optimizing staffing resources.

Mark explains the benefits of an infrastructure management platform that is administered from a single pane of glass. Using Bright Cluster Manager and Bright OpenStack, software that deploys out of the box, HPC workloads and Big Data jobs can run from a single infrastructure.  This capability to manage both from the same interface is becoming increasingly important as more enterprises are blending both job types.

The video outlines a real game changer – with a fully certified OpenStack distribution you can manage your private cloud from a single Bright management interface. 

Mark demonstrates how you can manage your private cloud and the virtual machines you run on it. The infrastructure gives you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing requirements on any given day, hour, or minute.

And that future doesn’t end on-premise. The video outlines how you can expand your HPC or Big Data environments into the cloud.   

The entire architecture is what we are currently using in our own live production environment right now. Find out more by viewing Part III of our OpenStack vodcast series where we delve into that topic.

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