Nor-Tech Integrates Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science into HPC Technology


By Bright Staff | May 13, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, Nor-Tech



Nor-Tech, a leading HPC technology integrator and Bright Premier Reseller has recently announced they are now building computers that are optimized with Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science. Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science provides Nor-tech clients with an intuitive management interface, enabling them to administer data science clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, big data, and deep learning (DL) software from a single interface. The intuitive Bright management interface monitors virtually every aspect of every node reporting any problems it detects in the software or hardware so that administrators can act on any issue impacting data science cluster performance.

Nor-Tech, a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) and a Preferred DGX Partner is one of a small number of companies that are authorized to sell DGX-1 (rackmount) and DGX station (workstation) in the United States. Nor-tech is also uniquely positioned via a partnership with ScaleMatrix to sell DDC cooling cabinets. With Bright having recently announced the certified use of DGX servers in Bright-managed clusters, Nor-tech is now one of the only technology providers that can offer a total Bright Cluster Manager/NVIDIA DGX/ScaleMatrix scalable, dynamic-density solution for AI. The best part? This solution can reside either inside or outside a data center.

As one of Bright’s most dynamic Premier Resellers, we are thrilled to continually play a key role in the success of many recent Nor-tech projects—including an existing high-performance cluster that was refreshed for a new AI/DL project—that have saved clients significant time and money. With Nor-tech’s ability to repurpose existing HPC technology for AI/DL using Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science, among other key applications, we at Bright are excited to see what new milestones can be achieved.