Ode to ClusterVision


By Bill Wagner | February 18, 2019 |



On February 13, ClusterVision announced that it had filed for bankruptcy after nearly 17 years of business. ClusterVision had established itself as a key player in the HPC services market, forging key partnerships with industry leaders and enterprises alike.

Many people know that ClusterVision was a Bright Computing reseller, but what many don't know is that Bright Computing (or at least the Bright Cluster Manager product) was started in ClusterVision more than a decade ago, before Bright Computing was launched as a separate company in 2009 with backing from institutional investors. Although there are no longer any ties between the companies, the origins of Bright within ClusterVision leaves us saddened by last week's news.

We wish everyone at ClusterVision the best as they navigate the company's path forward.