OpenStack celebrates four years; looks to the future


By Bright Staff | August 26, 2014 | OpenStack




In July, OpenStack celebrated four years since its official launch. SiliconANGLE commemorated the occasion with a look back at its milestones, along with a look ahead at where the open-source platform is going.

In 2010, OpenStack launched with source code from NASA and Rackspace and the participation of 25 organizations, the article stated. In that first year, it launched an iPad app based on Cloud Pro and its community was joined by Microsoft. Year two saw the introduction of Intranap's storage service using OpenStack, OpenStack-based products from Facebook, Citrix and Secure Store, and a couple of releasesCactus and Diablo. The company went on in the following year to produce two more releases—Essex and Folsomand to launch the OpenStack Foundation. In May, the OpenStack Marketplace was launched.

Some have expressed concern that the project is being pulled in too many different directions and that Rackspace has taken too much control. These issues, the article notes, will need to be addressed to ensure the platform's continued success. Currently, OpenStack has 16,266 individual members in 139 countries who are affiliated with 355 organizations, the article stated. It has 2,130 contributors, with an average of 466 contributors participating each month. Over the past year, members have nearly doubled and contributors have more than doubled.

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