Our Latest Vodcast Highlights the Enhancements to Bright Cluster Manager for HPC in Version 7.2


By Lionel Gibbons | April 22, 2016 | HPC, Containers, Metrics



In our latest vodcast, we review three significant improvements in Bright Cluster Manager for HPC in 7.2 – job-based metrics, support for containers with Docker and Kubernetes, and enhanced Puppet integration.

In the 4-minute video, we explain how new job-based metrics let users track how individual jobs are affecting cluster usage, determine if they’re running efficiently, and use the information to tune and optimize system performance.

We also shed light on how Version 7.2 lets users take full advantage of the power of containers with Bright Cluster Manager, explaining how users can isolate processes in the cluster from one another and ensure applications run in a consistent environment. Also covered is using Kubernetes container orchestration for apps that run over long time periods.

Reviewing the benefits of Puppet integration, we discuss how users can now easily scale Puppet to clusters of virtually any size. They can also directly access Puppet Forge – pulling modules as needed and installing them through Bright. The new feature means users can deploy their own software much faster and be more productive.

To upgrade to Version 7.2, users should send an email to info@brightcomputing.com



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