Overcoming the Complexities of New Applications & Technologies in the New Era of HPC


By Bright Staff | December 16, 2020 | HPC, machine learning, AI



As we collectively catch our breath after what can only be described as an unprecedented year, this is a good opportunity to look back on Bright Computing’s journey through the previous 12 months.

In 2020, we have been digging into the theme of “Managing Complexity in the New Era of HPC”. It’s been a huge topic for us, as it encapsulates the essence of how Bright strives to support our customers, as they and their HPC systems evolve and change at pace. Importantly, this theme also captures the mood of the industry in 2020; the general sense of unknown and chaos that we have been coming to terms with. As we all aim for “business and usual”, Bright holds its place at the center of the HPC industry, enabling our customers to manage any change, uncertainty, and indeed complexity, to ensure that the HPC platforms that rely on us, continue to do their important work. 

Our CEO, Bill Wagner, has been at the forefront of this thought leadership, writing about “managing complexity” for InsideHPC, producing a podcast on the subject with Intel, and hosting a webinar for SC20.

Recently, Bill has been back in touch with InsideHPC, taking the time to expand his thinking to talk about the impact that new applications and technologies are having on HPC. In his latest article, Bill discusses the HPC workloads of today, and how they now include far more complex machine learning workloads, such as training deep learning algorithms and data analytics workloads. He explains that new processors and accelerators are finding their way into more HPC systems. And he looks at companies like VMware who are closing the performance gap in HPC with virtual machines that now provide suitable performance for many HPC applications. 

This new wave of technology and application adds yet more complexity to your HPC environment. Read the article to find out how Bright takes the pain away, enabling HPC system administrators and end-users to leverage these new and emerging technologies, for the betterment of HPC platforms and for the important work that they do.

As more organizations take the leap into HPC, we want to be the company that helps solve the challenge of complexity within the industry and replace it with flexibility, ease of use, and accelerated time to value. 

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