Bright Goes to WAR with Workload Accounting and Reporting

By Robert Stober | March 08, 2019

Data center managers are continually under pressure to deliver more results from their existing computing resources. One strategy that has proven successful is the aggregation of what have traditionally been computing silos into a modern, and efficient shared compute cluster.

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Bright Cluster Manager 8.2 Webinar - Catch the Replay Now!

By Rachel Chicken | March 05, 2019

In case you missed it, we’d like to draw your attention to a webinar that we hosted last week, giving an insight into Bright Cluster Manager 8.2. Catch the replay here.

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How 5G Networks will Influence the Location of Edge Compute

By Bill Wagner | February 26, 2019

While the world eagerly awaits the rollout of 5G networks and the exciting new apps for both consumers and businesses that will be made possible via 5G services, enterprises, telcos, hosting providers and others are scrambling to architect and build the computing infrastructure necessary to support the new requirements of these apps. Two key challenges in defining the computing infrastructure for 5G apps are that they will be data/compute intensive and have little tolerance for network latency. The former means that significant computing capacity is needed to deliver the intended experience of the app and the latter means that the compute must be located in relative proximity to the user of the app. The result: A significant build-out of localized compute (predominately Linux servers and clusters) will be required to service the new generation of 5G apps speeding towards us. But where (specifically) will that compute infrastructure reside? 

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Ode to ClusterVision

By Bill Wagner | February 18, 2019

On February 13, ClusterVision announced that it had filed for bankruptcy after nearly 17 years of business. ClusterVision had established itself as a key player in the HPC services market, forging key partnerships with industry leaders and enterprises alike.

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How to share your usage statistics and improve Bright Cluster Manager

By Lionel Gibbons | December 08, 2018

My last post showed you an easy way to send your suggestions for enhancements or new features to us. Doing that helps us make sure that we’re building the products you really want. Another way you can help make Bright Cluster Manager better is to share your usage statistics with us. Doing this lets us see how you’re using our products, and helps us make decisions about software changes that will help shape future releases.

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Tell Us What You Think

By Lionel Gibbons | December 07, 2018
We believe that we build the best cluster management software on the market, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. No matter how good a product is, it can always be improved, and we aim to do that every day. With all of the new feature ideas coming from our developers, sales engineers, and product managers there’s no shortage of things to choose from. But the most important source of new product ideas comes from you — our customers. In fact, many of our best features came from suggestions made by users like you. 

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Bright and Dell EMC – Setting the Stage for SC18

By Grant Gustafson | November 09, 2018

With SC 18 in Dallas just a few days away, I thought I’d write a brief blog post to give our community an update on how Dell EMC and Bright are collaborating at the supercomputing industry’s largest event of the year.

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Learn How to Run Nvidia NGC Deep Learning Containers On Your Bright Cluster

By Robert Stober | October 30, 2018

If you’re working in deep learning using NVIDIA GPUs, you may have heard about the NVIDIA GPU Cloud or NGC for short. NGC provides pre-integrated GPU-accelerated containers that you can use power your own AI projects. 

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AI Operations: It Can’t Be Just an Afterthought

By Grant Gustafson | October 30, 2018

I’d like to draw your attention to a webinar taking place tomorrow, Wednesday October 31st, at 11am CDT. This is a must-attend webinar for anyone who is exploring how to deploy and manage an Artificial Intelligence (AI) environment. 

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