Panos Labropoulos on tools for machine learning


By Lionel Gibbons | May 19, 2017 | deep learning




We just got back from the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, where it was hard to miss the focus on AI applications and deep learning. And that makes sense, given the significant role GPUs are playing in the recent rise in practical applications of deep learning.

Our own Panos Labropoulos, Ph.D. and deep learning evangelist, likes to bend my ear with all the latest developments in deep learning whenever I see him. In fact, he does the same with everyone he comes across, which is a good thing. He knows his stuff and is always fascinating to listen to.

You may not have met Panos in person, but you can still hear his passion on the topic of machine learning by reading this article he penned for DataInformed.  

Click here to read the article > Tools for Making Machine Learning Easier and Smoother