ProfitBricks and Bright Computing ushering in the new age of HPC in the Cloud


By Guest Author: Abe Stein, ProfitBricks | July 08, 2016 |



ProfitBricks GmbH is a native German Cloud Computing Provider specializing in IaaS. ProfitBricks Cloud Computing is 100% compliance with German data protection laws, has unmatched ease of operation and usability (no learning curve), and thanks to innovative technology teaching the cloud infrastructure to behave like real servers in real data centers with hassle-free migration of workloads into the cloud.


In June, ProfitBricks had the privilege of exhibiting at ISC Frankfurt alongside our HPC partner, Bright Computing. This was ProfitBricks’ first formal foray into the world of HPC, and the consensus couldn’t be clearer: the cloud is finally ready for HPC workloads.

The primary aim of exhibiting at ISC this year was to officially launch our partner showcase for Elastic Cluster Scaling in the Cloud with Bright Computing. It was a great opportunity to spend 3 days learning from and working with the team from Bright Computing; we were afforded the chance to interact with many of their partners and get an in depth understanding of what sort of work loads would be beneficial to migrate to a cloud environment.

The feedback we got from universities, research institutes, and HPC software companies alike was that one of their key challenges is balancing the delta between their hardware capacity and their workload requirements for HPC applications. That is where the real value lies in running the Bright Cluster Manager in the ProfitBricks public cloud environment, where you can deploy new servers and delete them through the Bright Cluster Manager, and pay for the nodes in the cloud only when you use them.

In some cases it might not be the key business workloads, but rather fringe requirements from students running CAD software at random times for their PHD thesis and research. In other cases, it might make sense for an organization to move the entirety of their rending software suite workloads to a more flexible and cost efficient environment, as Geneva Finance Research Institute has already demonstrated.

Lastly, it was very cool to see the team from Bright Computing completely in their element. As an industry leading IaaS provider, ProfitBricks knows the cloud space. What became very clear during the 3-day exhibition was that Bright Computing KNOWS the HPC space, and the companies, institutes, and end users know Bright Computing and the unique value their platform brings to the HPC world. At ProfitBricks, we are very excited to see how Bright Computing continues to pioneer HPC workload management, and we are thrilled to be a part of the growing ecosystem of Bright Computing partners. 

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