Pushing Monitoring Data into your Bright Cluster


By Martijn de Vries | March 31, 2020 | Bright Cluster Manager, Monitoring



Whether you are a Bright customer, a Bright reseller, or in the process of evaluating Bright, you will be aware that Bright Cluster Manager is great at monitoring your cluster. From the moment that you set up your cluster for the first time, Bright’s monitoring capabilities set to work, providing comprehensive metrics and alerts.

We know that Bright’s monitoring power lies in its ability to “pull” data from various sources, either by sampling it itself, or by querying a device (e.g., a storage system) for data that it has sampled.

Well, imagine being able to “push” external entities’ datasets into Bright Cluster Manager, to monitor this alongside the existing sample metrics in Bright Cluster Manager for a more holistic view of your HPC environment.  

I’m pleased to say that it is now possible to push data into your Bright cluster using an HTTP POST call. 

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you are sampling metrics outside of Bright, and you want to associate these metrics with objects in Bright - nodes, for example – then talk to us! It’s possible to push these samples into Bright, to monitor alongside your existing pulled samples.

Whether your data is being automatically pulled into Bright Cluster Manager or dynamically pushed into it, it can all be accessed in Bright’s monitoring system. This opens the door to much more value in Bright’s accounting and reporting functionality. Now, you can generate reports over data that you have pushed in, and correlate this with samples that have been pulled into Bright.

I’m sure there are many circumstances where our customers would gain tremendous value from pushing new sample metrics into Bright. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you bring more value to your Bright monitoring system and unlock deeper insight into your cluster management by enriching your accounting and reporting.