Redfish Automated BIOS Management with Bright


By Robert Stober | April 22, 2021 | Bright Cluster Manager



Did you see that Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 introduces support for Redfish BIOS management? This feature enables administrators to view and update BIOS parameters on any/all nodes of the cluster that support the Redfish specification from the command line or Bright View. This reduces complexity and the effort that admins face when updating BIOS settings across their cluster.

DMTF’s Redfish® provides an industry-standard interface for the management of servers, storage, and networking. This allows organizations that choose products based on the Redfish specification to have a consistent interface and a single approach to managing a broad set of products. 

This integration will be especially appealing to those who, from time to time, want to be able to make changes to the BIOS settings on their nodes but who know that doing this manually would be very cumbersome. 

So, in Bright Cluster Manager 9.1, you can now configure BIOS settings for nodes at the category or node level. In previous versions of Bright, you were already able to do this for some node types. In Bright 9.1, this functionality has been replaced with a plugin framework that can be used to add support for these BIOS management capabilities for specific servers.

To learn more about our Redfish integration or to discuss your cluster management requirements, please get in touch.