Reining in the Challenges of Cluster Management


By Lionel Gibbons | July 20, 2016 | Cluster Manager



reining-in.jpgIn recent years there have been major changes in the technology that is used to run data centers.  Thanks to all of the growth that has taken place in cloud computing, big data, HPC (high-performance computing), etc, the task of managing all of these newer technologies has become much more complex and important, resulting in an increased need for excellent management tools.  

A major piece of the cutting-edge data center technology puzzle is the computer cluster. A lucid definition of computer cluster is given by  "A computer cluster is a single logical unit consisting of multiple computers that are linked through a LAN. The networked computers essentially act as a single, much more powerful machine."  Computer clusters, unlike mainframe computers, are (mostly) modular which means that their individual parts (computers) are fully functioning independent units that can be added or subtracted, upgraded, shared, assigned, rearranged, etc., as needed.  Also unlike mainframe computers, computer clusters are redundant by nature.  If one computer in a cluster fails, the rest of the computers are able to share the load and continue operating.  

Mike Matchett writing in has this to say about the recent developments in cluster computing and the increased value of a cluster manager:  "Effective cluster design is especially important to big data, which is all about bringing HPC technology like clustering at scale to enterprise IT.  Hadoop, Spark and some scalable NoSQL tools are designed to make distributed processing feasible for everyone. However, production big data applications are just now requiring consistent application performance. When big data applications underpin key business processes, reliable operations and consistent performance matter .... As more scale-out architectures land in the data center, the value proposition for cluster management tools will grow."

Bright Computing offers two great cluster management solutions, Bright Cluster Manager for HPC and Bright Cluster Manager for Big Data.  These tools were born in the high-performance computing space where Bright Computing got its start.  Check the latest release Bright Cluster Manager 7.3 for some great and powerful new features.

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