Relative newcomer, OpenStack, surges forward in popularity


By Bright Staff | August 19, 2014 | OpenStack




It has only taken a few years for relative newcomer, OpenStack, to start catching up with VMware as the most popular cloud platform. A recent article from the Wall Street Journal Market Watch stated that more than one third of all organizations currently using a private cloud use OpenStack.

The OpenStack Foundation performed a survey of its own users in May and found that there are more than 500 OpenStack clouds in production. Of those, the article reported, nearly a third were from companies having fewer than 20 employees. A different survey, from Tesora, found that OpenStack's appeal for medium-sized (more than 1000 employees) and large companies ( more than 10,000 employees) was far greater than its own survey indicated, at 40 percent and 17 percent respectively.

The OpenStack Foundation is the independent home for OpenStack, with more than 9,500 individual members from over 100 countries and 850 organizations. To date, the foundation has secured more than $100 million in funding to further the goals of OpenStack becoming the ubiquitous cloud computing platform. The foundation features a 13-member tech committee that is elected by the active tech members, as well as a 24-member board of directors and a user committee of more than 75 members. Membership to the Foundation, like the OpenStack software itself, is free.

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