SC20 - And That's a Wrap!


By Bright Staff | November 23, 2020 |



Well, what a week that was! We would have all preferred to be together at SC20 because virtual events are never the same, but we are grateful to you all for taking the time to visit Bright during SC20. 

There was a healthy stream of traffic through our booth, which led to many interesting conversations about the challenges you face managing the next generation of HPC. 

We had so much news to share with you at this year’s event, here’s a recap in case you missed something.

At the beginning of last week, we announced Bright Cluster Manager 9.1. The latest version of our market leading software for building HPC, data science, and private cloud Linux clusters that delivers more cluster management capabilities from edge to core to cloud. It comprises built-in expertise, integrated cluster build, management, and monitoring, and platform independence. 

Key features include an Ansible module, clusters as a service for VMware, an OpenShift integration, auto-scaling enhancements, and so much more. Here are some assets that we think will be of interest:

9.1 Resources

9.1 Demos

To make up for the fact that this was to be a virtual event, our goal last week was to deliver to the SC community a rich stream of relevant and engaging content. To that end, we hosted daily webinars that highlighted the new features of Bright 9.1 and other important aspects of Bright Cluster Manager. Catch the replays, here:

  • Bright Cluster Manager and What's New in 9.1
    Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 is now generally available. This webinar will dive into the key features and functionality in 9.1. Click to view
  • Clusters-as-a-Service
    See how Bright automates the process of building and managing the HPC infrastructure that delivers Clusters-as-Service for machine learning, data analytics, HPC, and more. Click to view
  • Edge Computing
    In this webinar, we discuss how Bright Edge enables organizations to deploy and centrally manage computing resources in distributed locations as a single clustered infrastructure. Watch the webinar to learn more. Click to view
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Here we highlight how Bright Cluster Manager enables you to effectively manage capacity and growth, so end-users are given the resources they need, when they need them. Click to view 
  • AI and Deep Learning
    Learn how Bright Cluster Manager offers an integrated solution for building and managing machine learning clusters that  reduces complexity, accelerates time to value, and provides enormous flexibility. Click to view

We didn’t stop there. There are three more presentations from last week that we think will be of interest to you:

Panel Session: Cluster Management And Virtualization

A partnership between Bright Computing and VMware is creating new opportunities to use virtualized infrastructure to easily build and manage high-performance clusters that make new levels of flexibility and resource utilization a reality. Join us for a discussion highlighting cluster management and virtualization - two great technologies that now work great together


  • Martijn de Vries - Bright Computing
  • Jay Boisseau - Dell Technologies 
  • Josh Simons - VMware
  • James Lowey - TGEN

Click to view


Birds of a Feather: Knocking Down Barriers - Making HPC Easier to Use

Join Dell and Bright for a discussion on emerging technologies, such as Jupyter Notebooks, that are revolutionizing access to HPC compute, knocking down barriers for end-users everywhere.


  • Robert Stober - Bright Computing
  • Adnan Khaleel - Dell Technologies

Click to view


Exhibitor Forum: Managing Complexity in the New Era of HPC

Join Bright for a deep dive into the challenges in HPC and the solutions offered that are giving access to this technology for a whole new set of users

Speaker: Bill Wagner - Bright Computing

Click to view 


That’s not all! Our partner community plays a really important role at Bright Computing, and each year at SC, we showcase the important work that we do together. Here are some highlights of our partner activity at SC this year:



  • INTEL: Managing change and complexity in the new era of HPC
    In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright Computing and Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing Group at Intel. Together they will discuss the theme of how to manage change and complexity in the new era of HPC. Listen now
  • SILICON MECHANICS: A conversation with Silicon Mechanics
    In this podcast, Jack Hanna, Director of Alliances at Bright Computing, meets Andrew O'Neil, Solutions Architect at Silicon Mechanics. With a partnership that spans almost a decade, Jack and Andrew discuss how Bright and Silicon Mechanics are addressing market demand, and share their views of the future direction of the HPC industry. Listen now

Press releases

  • HPE: New Supercomputer Installed at Stony Brook
    The Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University has installed a computer system employing the same processor technology as the fastest and most power efficient supercomputer in the world, the Fugaku system at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science, in Japan. The new system uses Bright Cluster Manager. Read more
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Accelerate Customers' Time to Deliver New Products and Services
    Here at Bright, we are honored to have such a great partnership with companies like Dell Technologies. So, we were delighted to see their announcement regarding two new Ready Solutions for HPC Genomics and Digital Manufacturing. Read more
  • KOI: HPC Servers, Clusters Integrated with Bright Cluster Manager Developed by Koi Computers
    Koi Computers, recently awarded Bright Computing's Advanced partner status, is integrating HPC servers and clusters with Bright Cluster Manager. Read more


Blog posts

  • SILICON MECHANICS: Building a Cluster for a First-Time Sys Admin
    We are pleased to share a guest blog post from Bright Partner, Silicon Mechanics, and a link to our latest podcast interview with them. Read more
  • AMAX and Bright - Spanning Geographies, Going from Strength to Strength
    In collaboration with Bright Computing, AMAX has achieved two major customer wins recently that we wanted to share with you. Read more


If you are interested in exploring any of these topics in more detail - be that advanced cluster management, enabling clusters as a service, managing hybrid cloud, achieving edge computing, exploring virtualization, unlocking the power of AI and deep learning, and more - please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email us directly at 

Visit our SC20 page, here.

We hope that we see you in person at next year’s event!