Setting the Scene for the Bright Reseller Community – 2020


By Jack Hanna | January 31, 2020 | Bright Cluster Manager, Reseller Community



2019 was a great year here at Bright for many reasons, but for me, the highlight was the tremendous business growth that our Reseller community experienced. We have always worked closely with all our partners, and our company values the important role our Reseller partners play. Since I took responsibility for Bright’s reseller business in 2019, I have made it my job to take these relationships to the next level.

When we introduced our tiered Reseller Program in 2017, we took the first step toward recognizing and rewarding loyalty amongst the Bright Reseller community.  Since then, we have invested more and more in this vital community, adding resources―such as our online Bright Training modules―as well as simplifying our pricing structure and introducing additional discounts for our top tier Resellers.  All of this has been aimed at helping our loyal Resellers accelerate their businesses and, in turn, increase our business together. 

The result in 2019 was our strongest annual sales performance ever from our Reseller community, proof that our strategy is paying off.  To put some numbers on this, we saw Year on Year growth of well over 140% from our top Resellers and a combined growth of 75% across the whole community.  Of this growth, just under 60% was new or expansion business, with every one of our Premier Resellers and many of our Advanced Resellers securing new business with brand new customers.

At the beginning of January this year, we carried out one of our twice-yearly partner reviews.  These reviews help us ensure that our Resellers are categorized correctly and give us the opportunity to reward high-performing partners for meeting or exceeding their goals by promoting them to a higher tier in the Bright Reseller Program.

I am delighted to highlight a couple of our Resellers who have been promoted to the next level of the program: 

  • DasherA North American company that has been promoted to Bright Premier Partner. Dasher Technologies is a leading national IT solution provider, headquartered in the Silicon Valley that designs, delivers, and manages innovative solutions that digitally transform businesses. 
  • Red Barn Technology GroupA North American company that has been promoted to Bright Advanced Partner. Red Barn Computers has been serving the technology needs of consumers and businesses with computer sales and service since 1995.
  • SICORPA North American company that has been promoted to Bright Advanced Partner. Based in Albuquerque, SICORP is an SDB and a leading IT systems integrator and IT services provider, with 20 years’ experience serving government scientific research laboratories, civilian agencies, and commercial customers. 

Congratulations and thank you to all of our Resellers for a fantastic 2019, and special thanks to these three companies for going above and beyond for Bright.

Looking forward to 2020, as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, our Bright Premier Partners will receive a tabletop award to celebrate our partnership, and our Bright Advanced Partners will be receiving a framed certificate, which we hope they will display with pride. They are sent to each of our partners with our heartfelt thanks!

Bright recruits and onboards new partners regularly, so our geographical and industry reach continues to grow. If you would like to join the Bright reseller community, please get in touch.