SGI and Bright Showcase their Collaboration at the Met Office, at UK HPC event


By Lee Carter | February 02, 2017 | OpenStack, HPC, Big Data



I had the pleasure of attending the UK HPC & Big Data event, organised by GovNet, yesterday in London.

Bright and SGI teamed up, to sponsor a booth at the event and to share a presentation.

I was impressed by the quality of the conference. The agenda was spot on, with some great keynote presentations and some insightful and informative presentations. There was an impressive turnout too; many of the leading HPC decision makers in academia, research and industry gathered together to learn more about the future of HPC and big data, and to network at the booths of the busy exhibition.

This is one of the most interesting HPC conferences in Europe and one that we will consider returning to in 2018.

We had a steady stream of people to the Bright booth, all of who were involved in HPC deployments in some way, and all of which were facing challenges of one kind or another; some looking to spin up clusters on demand; some wanting to bring big data into the HPC environment; some considering Infrastructure as a Service models. Bright has an important role to play in all of these environments, so some interactive conversations took place.

Our presentation was well received. Dr Ben Bennett from SGI, a popular and eloquent speaker, joined me to talk about “Maximising Your Investment in High Performance Computing”. We explained to delegates how to get maximum value out of HPC hardware to improve ROI using SGI and Bright technologies. The presentation included a case study on how the Met Office chose a Bright / SGI solution to launch their new HPC system and significantly improve productivity of weather and climate data analysis.

For those who missed the session or would like to find out more, the Met Office case study is available for download here