Simplified Management of HPC Clusters: A Case Study


By Bright Staff | April 06, 2015 | HPC cluster management, HPC, CentOS 7



aircraft-blueprintUpgrading a cluster and installing new software can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have many resources at your disposal. Our latest case study tells how the Institute of Aircraft Design in Stuttgart installed Bright Cluster Manager to greatly enhance the usability of its high performance computing (HPC) cluster.

The Institute of Aircraft Design is part of the University of Stuttgart, a technical university in Germany that is world famous for its research in the fields of information technology and product development. The Institute’s IT resources are provided mainly by the university, with the exception of a cluster dedicated to its own scientific research into unmanned aerial vehicles, light eco-efficient aircraft development, and improvement of the statistical preliminary draft tools.

From this study, you can learn:

  • How Bright Cluster Manager enhanced the usability of HPC clusters at the University of Stuttgart. 
  • How Bright made the upgrade to CentOS 7 easy.
  • How the Bright GUI allows users to handle management and configuration tasks more efficiently.

Read the entire case study here.