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By Rachel Chicken | September 10, 2019 | SpotlightON: Podcast Series



We are so excited to share news that Bright has launched its very own Podcast Series.

Entitled, SpotlightON, each episode of the podcast features an interview with Bright executives and partners discussing today’s latest trends in HPC. The podcast focuses on a combination of Bright Partner initiatives, offerings, and technologies that are enabling the deployment of full-scale HPC, AI, Cloud, and Data Analytics solutions across industries.

You can subscribe to receive notifications of new podcasts, here: This link also gives details of how to access the recorded interviews via your preferred podcast provider.

In the first instance, we are proud to share our first three podcasts with you:

What are the Advantages of Running Machine Learning / Deep Learning Frameworks on Bare Metal Versus in Containers?

All of the ML/DL framework providers offer their tools in containers. Only Bright for Data Science provides them on bare metal. In this 15-minute fireside chat, Bright and Dell will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

Speakers: Robert Stober, Director Product Management at Bright Computing, and Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist – HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at Dell EMC

Intel Select Solutions with Bright Cluster Manager

Intel Select Solutions are designed for productivity, compatibility, and workload-optimized performance across a broad range of traditional HPC applications. Using Bright Cluster Manager, customers and partners are able to leverage the productivity and flexibility of Bright’s powerful cluster management technology to quickly configure and deploy Intel Select Solutions, and as a result, enjoy the compatibility and performance of Intel while simultaneously gaining the ease of use of Bright. Download this 15-minute fireside chat to find out more about the Bright Intel partnership.

Speakers: Lee Carter, VP Worldwide Alliances at Bright Computing, and Werner Krotz-Vogel, Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel

Change the Way You Use Containers with Sylabs and Bright

Sylabs provides high-performance container technology that enhances enterprise performance computing by building containers that support HPC, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Couple this with the power of Bright cluster and cloud infrastructure automation software and you have a winning formula for organizations who wish to get the most from their HPC environment.

Speakers: John Corne, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at Bright Computing, and Eduardo Arango, Software Engineer at Sylabs

For the full description of each podcast, and to register to receive future podcasts, please click here. This link will also show you how to access the interviews from your podcast provider.

We have many more podcasts in the pipeline. If you would like to be featured in a podcast, please get in touch!