Taashee Linux Services Joins the Bright Partner Program


By Tim Ranagan | August 16, 2019 |



We announced this week that Taashee Linux Services has joined the Bright Partner Program as a Reseller Partner serving India, Singapore, and the UAE. Taashee Linux Services specializes in clustering, container orchestration, cloud computing (OpenStack / AWS), machine learning, DevOps, and artificial intelligence. The company has a strong technical background and deep experience providing consulting to companies across the region. Taashee’s guiding principle is to incubate technology, build stronger technical and delivery skills, and roll out a plan to increase a customer’s ROI consistently.

Taashee saw Bright’s product portfolio as a strong driver for partnership as it aligns well with their customers’ evolving requirements, as well as Taashee’s objective to consistently deliver exceptional performance and service. Taashee has plans to take full advantage of the Bright portfolio, including Bright Cluster Manager for HPC, Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science, Bright OpenStack, and Bright Edge.

We are excited to have Taashee partner with Bright Computing. Our software solutions will add great value to Taashee’s customers across India, Singapore, and the UAE. Taashee Linux Services will be providing an added advantage to its customers, enabling them to migrate to cloud solutions successfully. We look forward to working closely with our new partner.

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