Teaming up with Dell to bring HPC to the masses


By Bill Wagner | December 09, 2016 | HPC Cluster, Bright Cluster Manager, Partners



We were very excited at SC16 to announce that Bright Cluster Manager provides infrastructure management technology for Dell’s Blueprints program. The program includes a group of end-to-end solutions optimized and validated to meet Dell customers’ biggest challenges: big data, high performance computing, and leveraging the power and capabilities the cloud brings to businesses.

dell-tile.png“Bringing HPC to the masses” is what Dell executives highlight as the goal of the program – and it’s focused on helping small and medium-sized enterprises accelrate their science, engineering and analytics.

While the benefits of HPC clusters are obvious, Dell also knows that many customers find setting up clusters to be very difficult – and managing and monitoring them even harder.  Dell recognized the need for a cluster management solution that could help its customers overcome the cluster management conundrum. They turned to Bright for a management system that lets customers install, monitor and lifecycle manage clusters from a single interface.

Dell’s idea with the blueprint concept is to offer pre-tested and pre-validated systems specially designed and configured for life sciences, manufacturing, and research. The systems include next generation hardware, storage, and network architecture that has all been tested and certified to work before being sold to customers. And the icing on the cake is that Bright’s HPC innovation laboratory allows customers to access new technologies and environments to test their own codes and their own workloads.

Some really interesting examples are already up and running. For example, Phoenix, Arizona-based Translational Genomics Institute (TGen) is using a fully integrated life sciences HPC system for their research on personalized cancer treatment options based on patients’ genomics. Using the system enabled TGen to cut down its analysis time from multiple days to hours!

At Tulane University, Dell and Bright combined to develop a system that combines Hadoop with HPC, allowing Tulane to install it as a single system and manage both from one instance.

Manufacturers are seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace and need to understand the dynamics of the products they are building. To this end, Dell and Bright have been working with CD-adapco (Computational Dynamics-Analysis & Design Application Company Ltd) (now owned by Siemens), which makes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products. The work is focused on taking the power of HPC computing and advancing it into the commercial world.

I think one of the most exciting things about the partnership is that the systems are jointly owned by Dell and Bright. Both companies are fully committed to keeping pace with each other and continuing to deliver the best solutions we can.

VIDEO: Watch Dell executives discuss the partnership with Bright.