The 2018 OpenStack Survey is Open — Time to Sound Off about OpenStack!


By Lionel Gibbons | June 22, 2018 | OpenSatck



Are you an OpenStack cloud user? Do you manage an OpenStack cloud yourself? If so, the good folks at the OpenStack foundation want to know what you think in the 2018 OpenStack User Survey.

The OpenStack Foundation wants to keep improving OpenStack, and your input is a critical part of its evolution. The 2018 survey is your opportunity to share information about your deployment confidentially, and help shape the future of OpenStack.

The survey asks basic questions about your organization, gives you the option of providing details about your OpenStack deployment, and aggregates your responses to build a picture of the OpenStack community. The Foundation uses the data to gauge trends, identify popular deployment models, technologies, and user requirements. If you’re worried about sharing details of your internal infrastructure, the OpenStack foundation’s got you covered. Here’s what they say:

“We will not share organization-specific or personal information with outside parties unless you clearly indicate you are willing to publish your organization’s name and logo as an OpenStack user.”

To see what came out of the previous OpenStack user survey, you can read the November 2017 report.

So if you’re one of the many admins who chose Bright OpenStack for its ease of deployment and management, or if you’re a user of a Bright OpenStack deployment in your organization, take the survey and help us make Bright OpenStack even better.