Four Benefits of Having a Private Cloud


By Bright Staff | May 20, 2015 | Private Cloud, OpenStack




There are many benefits that operating a private cloud can bring to your organization, ranging from enhanced security to finely tuned performance. This makes private clouds the ideal choice for many IT organizations needs. Let's look at some of the important benefits to see if they could help you succeed.

1. Trusted Infrastructure

Running your own private cloud gives you complete control. You can trust that your internal IT department will keep things running smoothly, and be confident that your organization's operational information remains on-site and secure.

2. Performance

You choose the hardware that underpins your private cloud, so you can tailor the infrastructure to meet your specific performance requirements, and not have to wonder whether the servers are up to the handling your workloads.

3. Use The Tools You Are Familiar With

If you're already using a public cloud based on OpenStack, you can continue to use the same processes and tools you're familiar with in your OpenStack private cloud. No new skills or user training required. This not only saves you time but also money. You can immediately get up and running without missing a step.

4. Security

The security of your organization's data is extremely important. When operating a private cloud, you can ensure that your existing IT security protocols are implemented, and your information never needs to leave your premises.

There are many more benefits to operating your own private cloud, and we'd love to have the opportunity to explore how your organization could take advantage of them. Please contact us to learn more.

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